THE WALL is written and directed by the team that brought you Zombie Dearest, one of the smartest low-budget horror/comedies of the last five years… Two-time Best Feature Winner, Two-time Audience Favorite winner, Zombie Dearest was embraced by festivals, critics and filmmakers alike and is featured as one of the very few recommended picks in the soon-to-be released “Zombie Movie Encyclopedia 2000-2010” by Peter Dendle.

Still, you might never have heard of Zombie Dearest.  That’s because with little independent filmmakers like us, every penny goes directly into the production.  We won’t be saturating the airwaves with ads.  Still, we think THE WALL is the real deal, a shot at success the old-fashioned way… a great film, through festivals and word of mouth, finding its audience.

Come along for the ride.